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At Logans we take our responsibility to you seriously by complying with all Financial Services requirements including following the Insurance Code of Practice and Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

Insurance Codes of Practice

The codes set out broker and insurer standards of good practice and levels of service that clients should expect. 
Logans are a founding member of the National Insurance Brokers Association and member of the Insurance Council of Australia. 

All members are bound by these codes. The Financial Ombudsmen Service (FOS) is responsible for monitoring the codes standards. 

The General Insurance Code of Practice can be downloaded at the following website: 

The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice can be downloaded from the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) website:



The satisfaction of our clients is extremely important to us. We always work with you to obtain the best possible outcomes with our insurers.

However, we would like you to tell us if any of our products or services have not met your expectations.

If you have a complaint  with Logans service or the Insurer you can get in touch with us by mail, fax, phone or email:

Richard Logan     m: 0418 244 345  w: 02 9909 1499   e:
Amanda Logan    m: 0410 608 909  w: 02 9909 1499   e:

Logans has a complaints procedure and all issues and complaints are taken seriously.

We will review your complaint within 15 working days and provide you with an outcome in writing and advise you of the next steps if you are unhappy with our decision.

Our complaints and dispute procedures follow the requirements of the Codes of Practice above.

If you continue to have a complaint after contacting and talking to either Richard or Amanda Logan (as above)  you can progress your complaint further by contacting the

Australian Financial Complaints Authority( . You need to be clear whether your complaint is agiainst the broker/agent or the insurer.

If your complaint is against a Lloyds of London Underwriter, then you need to contact Lloyds in Australia ( as they have their own complaints procedures.

Richard Logan can give you more details on this or you can refer to the Logans Financial Service Guide in the Forms Download section of this website.

Customers Affected By Family Violence/Financial Hardship/Vulnerability

Logans is committed to taking extra care with customers that are experiencing financial hardship, family violence or vulnerability and we have processes in place to help if required.

We provide secure and confidnetial handling of private and personal information of any client that has been affected in order to protect your safety.

If you are having difficulties that is impacting your insurance and your ability to meet your financial obligations to us then please contact:

Richard Logan m: 0418 244 345 w: 02 9909 1499 e:
Amanda Logan m: 0410 608 909 w: 02 9909 1499 e:

We are committed to supporting you and treating you with the utmost respect.

You can contact the following organisations that can help you access support and services:

1800 RESPECT - For Domestic and Family Violence

Beyond Blue - For Mental Health support

Lifeline - for crisis support