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  • The History of the Australian Bloodhorse
    8th October 2014
    The History of the Australian Bloodhorse - An extract from "The Australian Bloodhorse" by Douglas M Barrie. The Australian thoroughbred is, of course the British thoroughbred, modified to a greater or lesser extent by the Australian environment.  In the first half century a few different elements - mostly Arabs of the highest quality - were added to the mixture, ... Read more
  • Logans - Fifty Years of Trust
    29th April 2014
    As printed in Gai's Gazette April 2014 Logans - Fifty Years of Trust For many of us in the thoroughbred racing industry, the name Logans is synonymous with horse insurance. Logans was established in 1964 when Bob Logan started out as a life insurance agent. He had a pregnant wife, Lorraine, a dog and a kitchen table. He had recently completed the ... Read more
  • Equine Travel Sickness
    19th March 2014
      Travel Sickness For most horses, transport is a common occurrence in their lives, but many owners are unaware how shipping can profoundly affect their horses' health. Horses that travel long distances are particularly susceptible to developing pleuropneumonia, commonly referred to as travel sickness. A respiratory infection that affects the lungs and pleural (chest) cavity in horses, travel sickness quickly ... Read more
  • The Regulatory Regime for Thoroughbred Syndications
    12th December 2013
    The Regulatory Regime governing the syndication of thoroughbred horses for racing purposes Author: AB (Tony) Fleiter BEc., LLB – Principal, Macquarie Legal Practice Postal Address:  PO Box 299, NORTH SYDNEY, NSW, 2059 Telephone: +61 2 9235 2500; Facsimile:  +61 2 9235 1511 Email:; Website: [First published December, 2008; Revised in August, 2012 and August, 2013] Tony has 30 years’ experience specialising in ... Read more
  • Protecting Equine Athletes from Osteoarthritis
    15th October 2013
    Protecting Equine Athletes from Osteoarthritis Equine Research Coordination Group White Paper Contact: Anne Dadds, Research Coordinator +1 (859) 233-0147, ext. 221 Since most horses are used for recreational or performance activities, soundness is understandably of vital importance to horse owners. A 2003 study suggested that 60 percent of lameness problems in horses are related to osteoarthritis, thus stressing the importance of advancements ... Read more
  • Climate Change and Horse Owners
    16th January 2013
    Climate Change and Horse Owners - RIRDC Equine Research News, December 2012 The research project 'Climate Change for Horse Owners' funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Horse program and managed by the Horse Federation of South Australia (HorseSA) aimed to discover how horse owners feel, what they know, and how much preparation they are undertaking for climate ... Read more
  • Experimental Drug Offers Laminitis Hope
    15th November 2012
      Experimental Drug Offers Laminitis Hope Friday, 16th November 2012 Horses suffering Laminitis, an often life-threatening hoof condition, have been offered a beacon of light via an experimental drug, "Discovered by entomologists doing research on biological insect control substances," the new drug "now holds some promise as an effective treatment for laminitis." Known as t-TUCB, the new drug will ... Read more
  • Pierro's Price Tag, No Guarantee
    11th October 2012
    PIERRO PRICE TAG NO GUARANTEE The Sportsman - Friday 12th Oct 2012 ON TOP of the circa $30 million price tag, whoever wins the race to secure Pierro for stud duties will need to find another $3 million to insure the colt. Pierro's forecast first-year premium equates to about 10 percent of his value and while it could drop down to $1 million in his ... Read more
  • Caterpillars and Mares Aborting
    28th June 2012
    HISTOPATHOLOGY OF MARES ABORTING DUE TO EQUINE AMNIONITI AND FOETAL LOSS BY KH TODHUNTER AND AJ CAWDWELL-SMITH   In September 2008, Equine Research News profiled the study Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Loss- the role of caterpillars, by AJ Cawdwell-Smith and WL Bryden. The research was a result of a spate of abortions in the Hunter Valley in 2004 which exhibited unusual and ... Read more
  • Swelling Around the Hock - Symptons & Treatments
    1st May 2012
    Swelling Around the Hock -  By Dr Kevin Squire,  Garrards Horse & Hound Autumn 2012 In our opinion the hock is one of the most complex joints in a horse. There are 10 and sometimes 11 bones involved in what we call the hock joint, and these are arranged in four layers of joints; this complex joint structure is held together ... Read more
  • Racings $100M Windfall
    29th March 2012
    The NSW thoroughbred racing industry is set to reap a $100 million bonanza following a ruling handed down this morning by the High Court.Read more:
  • Report into Equine Drugs Released
    14th March 2012
    Illness and training injuries in racing and equestrian events are common, but appropriate treatment can be hampered by uncertainty about excretion and detection time for many theraputic drugs. A new report "The Pharmacokinetics of Equine Medications" provides information on 12 commonly used equine drugs including the time taken for each drug to reach its maximum concentration in the blood, its rate ... Read more
  • Deconstructing Black Caviar
    7th March 2012
      This is the Pedigree Consultants LLC blog written by Alan Porter and Byron Rogers. You will find the latest thoughts from both Alan and Byron on the latest on pedigree analysis and thoroughbred pedigrees. Go to DECONSTRUCTING BLACK CAVIAR - WHAT WERE THE REASONS BEHIND THE MATING THAT LED TO THE CHAMPION?  Alan Porter - ... Read more
  • The Speed Gene in Thorougbreds has UK orign
    24th January 2012
    Research by a team of scientists suggests that a variant of the so-called speed gene found in top racehorses can be traced back to a single British mare living around 300 years ago.   That mare may have had a similar genetic make-up to today's sturdy native ponies. This fascinating study over hundreds of living horses DNA has revealed that the ... Read more
  • Dermatitis in Horses: Allergic and Infectious
    29th December 2011
    Dermatitis in Horses: Allergic and Infectious Article taken from:- Garrards - Horse & Hound, Spring 2011 Ann Rashmir-Raven, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS, of Michigan State University, discussed the most common types of equine dermatitis and the best treatment options at the 2011 Western Veterinary Conference, held Feb. 20-24 in Las Vegas, Nev. Dermatitis--simply, skin inflammation--is relatively common in horses, whether its ... Read more
  • Tax Tips for Horse Business Disruptions
    24th November 2011
    Tax Tips by Paul Carrazzo CPA It's not well known that our tax laws contain concessions that help victims of financial disruptions to cope financially through difficult periods. It makes the job of an Accountant that little bit more rewarding when we can pass on and apply these concessions. This article will outline and discuss the concessions and a few ... Read more
  • Equine Laminitis
    20th November 2011
    Equine Laminitis -          Managing pasture to reduce the risk The full version of this document can be downloaded from Executive Summary What the report is about This report explains how environmental conditions can trigger three-fold increases in the sugar, starch and fructan (collectively called non-structural carbohydrates or ... Read more
  • Diarrhoeal Disease In Horses
    28th September 2011
      DIARRHOEAL DISEASE IN HORSES RIRDC HORSE RESEARCH by Thomas V Riley, Sara Thean and Briony Elliott Report from RIRDC Publication No. 11/032 - April 2011   Clostridium difficile is a disease-causing pathogen in humans and horses. For the first time its presences has been confirmed in Australia on the report Diarrhoeal disease in horses in Australia - The possible role of ... Read more
  • Predicting Osteochondrosis In Australian Thoroughbreds
    24th August 2011
      Predicting Osteochondrosis in Australian Thoroughbreds RIRDC Horse Research Article from RIRDC March 2011 issue   By:- Kao Castle, Leo B Jeffcot, Herman W Raadsma, Imke Tammen and Frank W Nicholas.   The developmental orthopacdic disease osteochondrosis (OC, also commonly known as osteochondritis dissecans or OCD) can cost breeders hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost sales. It ... Read more
  • New Laws for Thoroughbred Industry
    16th August 2011
      Lien or Lean: Get Your Priorities Right, or Get Ready to Come Last By George Fraser From about the end of October 2011 how a thoroughbred stud enforces its interest in a horse is going to change. We would all be familiar with (or at least vaguely aware of) the concepts of lien and power of sale that appear in ... Read more
  • Measuring The Interaction Between Hoof And Track Surface
    10th August 2011
      New Research Project from RIRDC  Article from RIRDC July 2011 issue  Measuring The Interaction Between Hoof And Track Surface  Researchers: Jonathan Merritt and Dr Helen Davis, University of Melbourne and Dr Hilary Clayton, Michigan State University. A new study commissioned by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Horse Programme aims to improve the methods that ... Read more
  • Hendra Virus Alert
    12th July 2011
    HENDRA VIRUS - A STUD FARM PERSPECTIVE BY DALE ANDERSON I have written this open letter as I am a stud farm owner and racehorse owner/breeder and feel the message needs to URGENTLY be delivered to everybody.  I am also a scientist and a member of the Queensland DPI's Biosecurity Liaison Group.  Whilst I am not an ... Read more
  • Vital Research & Development in the Horse Industry
    19th June 2011
    The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) RIRDC is a statutory authority established by the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989 (PIERD Act).  The Corporation was established by the Australian Government to work with industry to invest in research and development for a more profitable, sustainable and dynamic rural sector. Logans is a long term supporter ... Read more
  • Cloning Advances
    8th June 2011
    Article taken from: ANZBloodstock News July 6 2010 Cloning Advances Another cloning milestone has been reached by researchers at Texas A&M University with the successful birth of a foal produced using ooxytes from a live mare. Mouse was born May 5, 2010. The efforts of his owner, Kit Knotts, to find a horse that had the same qualities as her prized Lipizzaner ... Read more
  • ATO Focus on Revenue Losses
    14th May 2011
    ATO Focus on Revenue Losses By Paul Carazzo What is a horse business for ATO purposes? It goes without saying that my office has seen many instances over the years where SMEs have had their business status questioned by the ATO and their tax losses put at risk. I don't expect this ATO project to be any different and I'm ... Read more
  • HIstopathology of Mares Aborting Due to Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Loss
    11th April 2011
    Histopathology of Mares Aborting Due to Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Lossby KH Todhunter and AJ Cawdwell-SmithRIRDC publication number 10/206 In September 2008, Equine Research News profiled the study Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Loss - the role of caterpillars, by AJ Cawdell-Smith and WL Bryden.  The research was a result of a spate of abortions in the Hunter Valley in 2004 which exhibited ... Read more
  • Matriachs of Thoroughbred Racehorses Unmasked
    28th October 2010
    Matriarchs of Thoroughbred Racehorses Unmasked Thoroughbred racehorses have typically been associated with the highly-prized breeds of the Arabian Peninsula; but according to new research, their origins may be far more cosmopolitan than previously thought. In a new set of findings published today, a University of Cambridge-led team of academics reveal how modern racehorses, as well as the Thoroughbreds used for ... Read more
  • Hendra Virus Factsheet
    9th September 2010
    What is Hendra virus? Hendra virus (HeV) was first isolated in 1994 from an outbreak that occurred in a racing stable in the suburb of Hendra, Brisbane. Hendra virus is a cause of sporadic disease in horses and humans. HeV is a zoonotic disease, which means it can transfer from animals to people. Dealing with HeV involves important public health and ... Read more
  • Horse Biosecurity
    30th May 2010
    Dr Roger Paskin, Chief Veterinary Officers Unit, Biosecurity Victoria Biosecurity simply refers to common senes measures taken to prevent the transmission of disease - either between animals or between animals and man. Practising good biosecurity helps to ensure the health of both horses and their owners. The following biosecurity guidelines are taken from a DPI Agriculture Note written some years ... Read more
  • Stop To Coal Mine Threatening The Thoroughbred Industry in NSW
    13th May 2010
    The NSW Government has announced this morning that it will prohibit coal mining at the Bickham site in the NSW Upper Hunter Valley. This is following a campaign by the horse industry to alert the government of the potential catastrophic risks to some of our most high profile thoroughbred studs and breeding opeations located near Scone. In addition, the Government ... Read more
  • Escape the New Horse Loss Rules - Paul Carazzo CPA
    6th May 2010
      ESCAPE THE NEW HORSE LOSS RULES!   Well, what a joy to finally pass on some good news re the new horse loss rules for high income earners.  No, they haven't gone away, unfortunately, but there can be a legitimate way to avoid them if your employer co-operates. These loss rules are part of what is ... Read more
  • Don't Sweat The Small Stuff - The Importance of Sweating
    20th April 2010
    Article from Garrards Horse & Hound Autumn 2010 Why is sweating important for horses? The purpose of sweat is to maintain body temperature within normal, healthy limits.In order for the horse to sustain metabolism and derive energy required for movement, feed must be converted into fuel to feed working muscles and organs. The conversion of the feed into fuel is ... Read more
  • Sarcoid Treatment Breakthrough
    18th March 2010
    Taken from ANZ Bloodstock News The battle against sarcoids is forging ahead with the news that researchers in Scotland have succeeded in killing equine sarcoid cells using a technique known as gene silencing. The researchers are now hoping to obtain funding for clinical trials using the new technique, which could result in a more effective, non-toxic treatment for sarcoids. &... Read more
  • World -First Sequencing of the Horse Genome
    1st March 2010
    Article taken from Roundhouse - Newsletter of the Veterinary Science Foundation of University of Sydney - Dec 09   The horse was only supposed to have a partial assembly of its genome.  But genome sequencing has developed so quickly and cost-effectively that a first complete sequence of the horse genome has now been published in the prestigious Science journal.  ... Read more
  • Threat to Thoroughbred Breeding in the Hunter Valley
    26th January 2010
      Thoroughbred Breeders of the Hunter Valley - Henry Plumptre   Horseracing is one of Australia's oldest sports. It is part of Australia's history and heritage. It is quintessential part of the Australian way of life. From the first official thoroughbred race meeting by Governor Macquarie in Hyde Park, Sydney in 1810, to the breathtaking performances of Pharlap, Tulloch, Makybe Diva ... Read more
  • Five Tax Tips before buying your first yearling
    17th December 2009
    With the yearling sales season about to come upon us, well known accountant Paul Carrazzo has published five valuable tips for people thinking of purchasing at the sales so read on.   I'm sure there are many of you out there contemplating your first yearling purchase in the months ahead. Good luck to all of you and enjoy the ride! ... Read more
  • Vale Jack Denham
    14th December 2009
    The passing of Jack Denham has touched everyone here at Logans. Jack trained some of our great Australian thoroughbreds owned by our clients including Marscay and Might and Power. It is hard to not think that his passing is the end of an era for racing. We send out our condolences to his wife Joyce and family. The following was ... Read more
  • Comment Now on Report for the Importation of Horses
    8th December 2009
    Biosecurity Australia Release Draft Import Risk Analysis Report For Horses form Approved Countries As part of the Governments response to the Commission of Inquiry into the August 2007 EI outbreak in Australia, Biosecurity Australia has produced a draft import risk analysis (IRA) report. This report covers the importation of horses from countries and regions from which Australia currently allows.These include ... Read more
  • The End of Victoria's Jump Racing
    30th November 2009
    In what will be deemed an historic announcement for thoroughbred racing in Australia, Racing Victoria has announced that the 2010 season will be the last for jumps racing in Victoria. A program of highweight races will be scheduled for the 2011 season to assist with the transition for jockeys, trainers and horses.RVL has also committed $1 million to a Transition and Marketing ... Read more
  • Breakthrough in Fight Against Hendra Virus
    5th November 2009
      Researchers have been working for 15 years, since trainer Vic Rail died from the disease to develop a treatment for the deadly Hendra virus. A paper published on the 30 October 2009 in the journal PLos Pathogens explains that CSIRO and US scientists have discovered an antibody which blocks the virus from attaching to the cells in the small blood vessels.  "... Read more
  • 199 Years Ago - The First Official Horse Race in Australia
    14th October 2009
    It was one hundred and ninety-nine years ago that the first horses were sent around Hyde Park in what was termed at the time as 'the first liberal amusement instituted in the Colony'. While Lachlan Macquarie was credited as the patron and founder it was really the first officers of the first battalion of the 73rd Regiment who organised the ... Read more
  • Night Vision In Horses Better Than Previously Thought
    28th September 2009
    Research shows that horses see better at night than we do. Dr Evelyn Hanggi and Dr Jerry Ingersoll, of the Equine Research Foundation in California, conducted a stud to see if horses could distinguish simple geometrical shapes under low light conditions. Firstly, they trained the horses to choose between two shapes - a circle and a triangle. If the horse ... Read more
  • Testing for Allergic Reactions
    28th September 2009
    Testing for Allergic Reactions Allergic diseases in horses most commonly affect the skin and the respiratory system. They are often treated symptomatically with corticosteroids or antihistamines. Nut if the allergen (the substance to which the horse is allergic) can be identified, it may be possible to develop a specific treatment. Perhaps the horse could be prevented from coming in contact ... Read more
  • Botox as a Laminitis Treatment
    23rd September 2009
    Botox as a Laminitis Treatment A new patented technique may help prevent some of the more serious complications of laminitis in affected horses. The Lameness and Laminitis study carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture found that in a one year period, 2 per cent of horses are affected with laminitis. About 5 percent of affected horses die or are ... Read more
  • Calming Aroused Horses
    28th July 2009
    A recent report published in Equine Research News has found that a familiar handler will help calm an aroused horse. Research was carried out by Amanda Warren Smith from Charles Sturt University, Larry Greetham from Piplyn Lodge, Gundaroo and Paul McGreevy from Sydney University. They investigated the behavioural and physiological effects of the presence of a familiar handler on a ... Read more
  • More On Tax with Paul Carrazzo
    2nd July 2009
    Breednet - Media Release - Wednesday, 1 July 2009 This office issued a special release to the racing and breeding industry on 14 May 2009 re the Budget announcement relating to the intended changes to the "Non-Commercial Loss" ("NCL") rules affecting the deductibility of business losses for High Wealth Individuals (HWls). The new NCL rules proposed were to ensure losses from unprofitable business activities ... Read more
  • The Dawn of Horse Domestication - New Evidence
    25th June 2009
    Researches at the University of Exeter and Bristol, have managed to trace the origins of horse domestication back to the Botai Culture of Kazakhstan around 5500 years ago, that is 1000 years earlier than first thought. The findings were based on extensive archaeological fieldwork, followed by analysis using new techniques. The size of their limb bones where found to differ with breed ... Read more
  • Insuring High Risk Horse Flesh
    24th June 2009
    This Article written by Bob Logan and appeared in The Australian Newspaper on Monday April 14 2003   Unfortunately many horse owners see insurance as a necessary evil. They just sign an annual cheque without understanding the cover and hope for the best when a claim occurs. They rely entirely on the expertise of their agent to keep them out of trouble. ... Read more
  • Sudden Death of 21 Polo Horses
    27th April 2009
    The sudden death of 21 polo horses at a championship in West Palm Beach, Florida on the 21st April initially caused authorities grave concerns as to the reason why 21 seemingly healthy horses could just drop without warning. The horses from the Venezuelan- owned team Lechuza Caracas became ill just before the tournament started, collapsing and dying on the scene according to ... Read more
  • Prevention Better Than A Cure - Sound Theory
    5th March 2009
      Prevention better than cure a Sound Theory Story by Dr John B Walker Never is the saying “prevention is better than cure” more appropriate than when talking about soundness in racehorses. Time and again we see good horses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have careers limited or cut short due to preventable soundness issues. The most ... Read more
  • NZ Wild Horse Study Reveals How to Breed for a Filly
    19th January 2009
    NZ WILD HORSE STUDY REVEALS HOW TO BREED FOR A FILLY A New Zealand study on wild horses has revealed the changing condition of the mare at conception may play a major part in determining the sex of the foal. The study found that 97 per cent of mares losing condition at conception gave birth to fillies, and 80 per cent of ... Read more
  • Risk Factors for Gastric Ulceration in Thoroughbred Racehorses
    9th November 2008
    Risk Factors for Gastric Ulceration in Thoroughbred Racehorses By Guy D Lester, Ian Roberston and Cristy Secombe Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation May 2008 RIRDC Publication No 08/061 What the report is about? Gastric ulceration represents an important health concern to the performance horse industries. Economic impacts of this disease are difficult to quantify but include the costs associated with diagnosis, ... Read more
  • Back Pain in Horses - Expaxial Musculature
    27th October 2008
    Back Pain in Horses – Expaxial Musculature By Dr Catherine McGowan, Ms Narelle Stubbs, Prof. Paul Hodges and Prof. Leo Jeffcott Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation November 2007 RIRDC Publication No 07/118   Background Back pain and diseases of the spine and pelvis are significant problems in all types of performance horses, potentially causing poor performance, lost training days and wastage. ... Read more
  • Integrated Pest Management for the Horse Farm
    12th October 2008
    Integrated Pest Management for the Horse Farm By Cindy Edward and Ary Hoffmann Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation June 2007 RIRDC Publication No 07/090   What the report is about Horse owners are advised to ‘worm’ their horses every six to twelve weeks. Sole reliance on these chemicals to control horse parasites is expensive and most likely detrimental to ... Read more
  • Equine Laminitis - Current Concepts
    23rd September 2008
    Equine Laminitis – Current Concepts By Chris Pollitt Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation May 2008 RIRDC Publication No 08/062   What the report is about/aims Laminitis is caused by failure of the distal phalanx (coffin bone or third phalanx) to remain attached to the lamellae that line the inside of the hoof. Specialist intervention is required in the treatment of ... Read more
  • Safety for Horses and Riders in Eventing
    9th September 2008
    Safety for Horses and Riders in Eventing - The SHARE Database by Denzil O'Brien and Dr Raymond Cripps March 2008 Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Publication No 08/027 Background During 1999 and 2000, a marked increase in the number of rider deaths associated with the sport of eventing both in Australia and overseas focused attention on rider safety. There had not previously been ... Read more
  • Predicting the Future with Yearling Radiographs
    3rd August 2008
    Predicting the Future with Yearling Radiographs By Dr Chris Whitton, Senior Registrar/Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine & Surgery, The University of Melbourne, Werribee Equine Centre. The horse racing industry is built on future prediction, it’s what punters are doing every time they bet and breeders when they mate their mares. In recent years, yearling radiographs have taken ... Read more
  • Equine Influenza Inquiry
    15th June 2008
    Government releases Equine Influenza Inquiry report Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke has released the report of the inquiry into last year’s equine influenza outbreak, conducted by the Hon. Ian Callinan AC, along with the Federal Government’s response. The Government has agreed to all 38 of Commissioner Callinan’s recommendations. Commissioner Callinan concluded ... Read more
  • Maternal Metabolic Status and the Occurrence of OCD in Thoroughbred Foals.
    6th May 2008
    Maternal metabolic status and the occurrence of OCD in Thoroughbred foals.   Dr Caroline Foote, Equine Consulting Services   Equine Consulting Services, in association with the University of Queensland has commenced a major project funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation investigating the effect of maternal nutrition and metabolism on skeletal disease in growing foals. In a 1998 publication, ... Read more
  • Mott Searching for Elusive Derby Victory
    28th April 2008
    Mott Searching for Elusive Derby Victory Racenet Monday, 28 April 2008  Racing Hall of Fame trainer Bill Mott has spent spring at Churchill Downs every year since 1979 and has amassed an impressive résumé at the historic Louisville track.  Mott is the all-time leading trainer at Churchill Downs by victories with 561 and by stakes wins with 69. The 57-year-old ... Read more
  • Full Siblings
    18th March 2008
    Full Siblings by Jane Henning   Why is it that full brothers and sisters to top performers don’t always live up to expectations?   From (this) pedigree analyst’s point of view, there are two major reasons for the same sire and dam combination coming up with radically different racing talent in their offspring; parent compatibility and ... Read more
  • Chilean Bred
    3rd March 2008
    Chilean-bred Thoroughbreds: Hot on the World Stage by Jane Henning and Nelson Sepúlveda   The transportation of thoroughbreds from one hemisphere to the other is now a routine occurrence, a practice with mixed results and problems which are only now becoming recognised. Acclimatisation to opposite weather patterns, synchronization with breeding cycles and suitability to our racing surfaces are ... Read more
  • What's Colour Got To Do With It?
    24th February 2008
    What’s Colour Got to Do With It? by Jane Henning Many assumptions are made about an unraced horse’s likely ability based on the colour of its coat. We have all heard such comments as, “I would only buy a bay Flying Spur,” or, before Lion Hunter raced, “There’s never been a ... Read more
  • Stallion Syndication
    29th November 2007
    Stallion Syndication By Tony Fleiter B.Ec. LLB., Solicitor (October, 2007) www.sirecustodians   Tony Fleiter is the Principal of law firm Macquarie Legal Practice and Managing Director of Sire Custodians Ltd (AFSL 223671). He specializes in the provision of legal services to the Australian thoroughbred industry and has a unique level of practical work experience ... Read more
  • Fertility Rates Decline in Hunter Valley
    30th October 2007
    Fertility Rates Decline in Hunter Valley Tara Madgwick - Tuesday, October 30, 2007 The outbreak of EI has had a profound and immediate effect on so many things in racing and breeding, but one more insidious and long-term effect is now being felt in the Hunter Valley with a general and widespread decline in fertility rates ... Read more
  • Pros & Cons of EI Vaccination
    25th September 2007
    Pros, Cons of Flu Vaccination   This article was published in The Australian on September 17th 2007.,25197,22428037-5013405,00.html   A RANGE of issues must be weighed in considering the use of vaccination in Australia's response to the current equine influenza outbreak. The Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Diseases, a special body within the Australian ... Read more
  • Lloyd's Supports Thoroughbred Breeders Association
    11th September 2007
    Lloyd's Supports Thoroughbred Breeders Association   The equine industry’s major insurance underwriter - Lloyd’s of London - have added their support to recent TBA efforts to salvage the remaining weeks of this year’s breeding season. Keith Stern, Lloyd’s Sydney representative, issued a formal statement this morning which said: “Lloyd’s ... Read more
  • Equine Influenza & Your Insurance
    5th September 2007
    Equine Influenza Outbreak & Your Insurance Logans are regularly liaising with specialist vets and our underwriters in order to provide the best possible cover for our clients under the current circumstances. At this stage the EI strain appears to be mild and most horses, with appropriate rest and attention, are coping and recovering well from its effects. Our ... Read more
  • Vaccinating Against EI
    5th September 2007
    Vaccinating Against EI   There has been a lot of debate on whether or not to vaccinate against Equine Influenza.  Below are some interesting pieces on the topic.    The first is from , an interview by Tara Magdwick with Dr Tim Roberts.  It was Dr Roberts who first alerted authorities to the outbreak ... Read more
  • AUSVETPLAN - Disease Strategy Equine Influenza
    3rd September 2007
    The latest AUSVETPLAN - Disease Strategy for Equine Influenza can be found at   For further useful information see;
  • Preventing the Spread of Equine Influenza
    29th August 2007
    Preventing the Spread of Equine Influenza   Please visit the NSW or QLD DPI for information on how to prevent the spread of EI. or
  • Equine Influenza Outbreak
    25th August 2007
    Equine Influenza Owners witnessing symptoms of Equine Influenza in their animals should call the emergency disease hotline on 1800 675 888 For further information call the Equine Influenza hotline 1800 234 002 or go to For detailed State by State updates please go to: NSW QLD http://... Read more
  • Stem Cell Therapy. The Future of Veterinary Care...
    18th June 2007
    STEM CELL THERAPY.  The future of veterinary care….. By Dr. David J. Murphy BVSc, Dip VCS, MS Stem cell research is at the forefront of modern day health science and receives considerable media attention because of the controversy surrounding it. When discussing embryonic stem cell research, moral questions are raised that evoke emotive arguments which tend to be ... Read more
  • Fabulous Four at Royal Ascot
    14th June 2007
    The Royal Ascot Carnival kicks off next Tuesday with four Australian runners vying for a position in the Group Two The King's Stand Stakes.  The King's Stand Stakes is the first race in the British leg of the Global Sprint Challenge. followed up by The Golden Jubilee Stakes on Saturday 23rd June.   Miss Andretti, Bentley ... Read more
  • Finding a Vet
    8th June 2007
    The Australian Stud Book has recently added a new facility to it's website to enable breeders to locate an ASB Approved Veterinarian in their area.  Go to the ASB Approved Vet Search, and enter a postcode range or if unknown, enter the suburb and state.  It should be noted that the veterinarians ... Read more
  • It's Not Unusual
    29th May 2007
    It's Not Unusual Lloyd's once insured the transportation of ten elephants in an aeroplane. Insuring the more obscure risks is all in a day’s work for some underwriters and brokers In the Lloyd’s Market. How many elephants can you fit into an aeroplane? It’s not a joke: it’s just one of the ... Read more
  • Thank You
    18th May 2007
    We have been overwhelmed by the support of Bob’s many friends, clients and acquaintances during this difficult time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent their condolences via email, fax, text, card, telephone or flowers. Your support and kind words are of great comfort and truly honoured Bob. Lorraine, Andrew, Richard, Mandy ... Read more
  • Bob Logan Memorial Tribute at Randwick Racecourse
    26th April 2007
    A memorial tribute to 'send off' Bob Logan will be held on Friday 11th May in the Panorama Room at Randwick Racecourse at 1pm. The Logan family invite Bob’s many friends, clients and acquaintances to attend and pay tribute to Bob and celebrate his life.   Parking will be available on site. Turn into the racecourse from ... Read more
  • Bob Logan - Farewell to a true lover of the game
    26th April 2007
    By Max Presnell   DON'T get the wrong idea about Bob Logan going down last Friday at the Newmarket stables bar during the broodmare sale for a long count from which he never recovered. Logan, 68, was one of those blokes it was always a pleasure to see at the races, sales or wherever turf enthusiasts gather, but he was generally ... Read more
  • Bob Logan Modernised Approach to Bloodstock Insurance
    24th April 2007
    by Brian Russell   Bob Gray Logan, one of the best known Australians involved in racing and breeding, collapsed with a brain haemorrhage at the Easter broodmare sales in Sydney late Friday afternoon and died at the neighbouring Prince of Wales hospital two days later at the age of 68 years. Bob, the founder with wife Lorraine of the Logan's insurance ... Read more
  • Bob Logan
    22nd April 2007
    Robert ‘Bob’ Gray Logan (1939-2007) April 23rd 2007 It is with deep sadness that the Logan family announce the sudden death of Bob Logan at age 68 years. Bob collapsed at the Inglis Broodmare sales late on Friday suffering a brain haemorrhage and was rushed immediately to the Prince of Wales Hospital. Whilst initially we had hoped for a recovery ... Read more
  • UK scientists issue a global warning
    18th April 2007
    UK SCIENTISTS ISSUE A GLOBAL WARNING   Climate change could be happening much faster than previously thought. The insurance industry should start planning now for potentially higher losses as both the severity and frequency of weather events may increase, according to Lloyd’s latest research on climate change. Climate change has previously been seen as a gradual phenomenon which ... Read more
  • Lloyds Announces 3.7 Billion Profit for 2006
    4th April 2007
    Lloyds Announces £3.7 Billion Profit for 2006 Lloyds the world’s leading specialist insurance market, including horses, today (29 March 2007) announced a profit of £3.662 billion for 2006. A copy of the results can be accessed at Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd has very strong affiliations with the Lloyds Syndicates who speacialise in Bloodstock/Livestock insurance.
  • Space Insurance: The Final Frontier?
    1st April 2007
    Space Insurance: The Final Frontier?   From Lloyds News and Features - 7March 2007  2007 has seen a continues expansion of space insurance capacity. Two news stories in the early part of 2007 put the topic of space insurance back on the agenda. In late January the NSS-8 spacecraft blew up at launch on the Sea Launch Odyssey Platform in the Pacific ... Read more
  • Superannuation News - New Retirement Rules
    27th March 2007
    Superannuation News – New Retirement Rules Paul Franklin our financial planner provides the following brief summary of the new retirement rules. Further information can be obtained from Paul on 02) 9909 1499. More importantly you should consult your accountant for information on how these new rules affect you personally. New Retirement Rules 1) No tax on lump sum or Allocated Pension retirement payments after ... Read more
  • Sand Colic - Prevention and Treatment
    21st March 2007
    Sand Colic – Prevention and Treatment The lengthy dry periods being currently experienced throughout Australia have seen an upsurge in the number of reported cases of sand colic. The following article from is dated 19 March 2007 and is relevant to horse owners in Australia. Over the past 25 years there have been great strides in both the ... Read more
  • Former Shuttle Stallion Real Quiet
    20th March 2007
    Former Shuttle Stallion Real Quiet Kentucky Derby (Gr I) winner Real Quiet, who was treated at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center for abscesses in both hind feet, completed a successful test breeding March 19 at the center. "He felt comfortable in covering the mare, and everything went fine," said syndicate manager Mike Jester. "Dr. (Dean) Richardson and his staff ... Read more
  • Equine Heppesvirus (EHV-1)
    19th March 2007
    Equine Heppesvirus (EHV-1) A confirmed case of neurologic equine Heppesvirus-1 (EHC-1) at an equine hospital in Leesburg, Virginia U.S.A. has resulted in numerous hold orders at farms in Maryland and Virginia. These horses at the equine centre in Leesburg, VA, have shown neurological signs consistent with EHV-1 and are in isolation, the entire hospital has been quarantined with ... Read more
  • Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame
    15th March 2007
    Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach, Queensland. Tourism Finalist Held at the Brisbane Convention Centre the prestigious Queensland Tourism Awards saw the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame walk away with two finalist places in the ‘Significant Attractions’ and Cultural Heritage’ categories. CEO Debbie Erswell, who attended the awards night, was delighted and is ... Read more
  • Wild Cover
    5th March 2007
    Would Lloyd’s underwriters pay £200 for a dead parrot? Lloyd’s did pay such a claim when a bird belonging to a Turkish sultan passed away. Although £200 may not sound much today, this was back in 1905 when a blue macaw parrot could be insured against “all risks including mortality”. Things have changed since then, ... Read more
  • Jockey Edgar Britt
    1st March 2007
    A gem from international jockey Edgar Britt Having just seen a video of the life and times of Edgar Britt I would like to share with you this little “gem”. Edgar Britt saw Phar Lap at Randwick on several occasions. In fact within a year of Phar Lap dieing under mysterious circumstances in the USA he and the ... Read more
  • Fragile Thoroughbreds Report from Hong Kong
    20th February 2007
    Fragile Thoroughbreds Report from Hong Kong A timely reminder of how fragile thoroughbred horses are is the news from Hong Kong concerning the virus which is currently affecting about nine horses in the stable of John Moore. The full report is available in today’s (21 February 2007) Stallions Daily Bulletin –
  • La Troienne
    19th February 2007
    The February 2007 USA publication The Best and Worst of Thoroughbred Racing by author Steve Davidowitz includes this very interesting author’s impression of the great mare La Troienne. The book is available from Daily Racing Form or Here is what the chapter on this mare says. La Troienne (1926, Teddy – Helene de Troie, by Helicon) &... Read more
  • The Genetics of Coat Colour In Thoroughbred Horses
    18th February 2007
    The Genetics of Coat Colour in Thoroughbred Horses - Gary Gould This article on the website provides a guide to understanding the genetic principles and dispels many misconceptions about the coat colours of thoroughbred horses.       The full article can been seen on                 &... Read more
  • Lung Disease in Racehorses - USA Article
    29th January 2007
    Lung Disease in Racehorses - USA Article Anyone who has ever raced horses is aware that racehorses seem unable to successfully defend themselves against the causes of lung disease. Racehorses represent a section of the equine population that is well cared for, fit and receive regular strenuous exercise. Yet racehorses are much more likely than slower, weaker, less fit horses ... Read more
  • Rattles in Foals
    21st January 2007
    Rattles in Foals Officially known as rhodococcus equi – is one of the major causes of pneumonia in young foals. It is one of the most common diseases affecting foals and can be fatal. Faecal contamination and dust are thought to be the main causes of infection and Australia’s drought conditions have heightened the risks. So far no ... Read more
  • Lloyds of London
    17th January 2007
    Lloyds of London The Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd is proud of its 40 years association with Lloyds.   Lloyds continues to be the worlds leading insurer of equine risks. They recently provided the following information: Lloyds Rating 2007 - Summary The “A” insurers financial strength ratings of the Lloyds insurance market have been confirmed by all three rating ... Read more
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    9th January 2007
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy A new innovation in equine medicine appears to be one of the most promising new technologies to cross over from human medicine. This new innovation is known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and is a successful new treatment for selected problems in horses. Used successfully to treat humans since the 1970’s, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been proven ... Read more
  • Irish Breeders Seminar
    4th January 2007
    Irish Breeders Seminar With the yearling sales about to begin in Australia and New Zealand it is worth repeating the interesting comments made by renowned Thoroughbred market analyst Bill Oppenheim when addressing the Irish Breeders Seminar in 2003 about changes in the horse business over the past 50 years as reported in the ‘Racing Post’. These comments are still relevant ... Read more
  • The Importance of Insuring Yearling Risks
    27th December 2006
    The Importance of Insuring Yearling Risks Gary Knowles – writing in the December 2006 issue of Breeding and Racing Magazine. There is a famous black and white poster depicting a steam train that has gone over the edge of a collapsed river bridge. Its caption simply: S**T happens. And that, in a nutshell, is why insurance exists. Sir Winston Churchill ... Read more
  • It's a White Christmas
    21st December 2006
    It’s a White Christmas! As Santa to the stars, Brady White has insured his beard at Lloyd's. Even the most famous delivery man in the world needs insurance - so when Father Christmas wanted to insure his long white beard there was only one place to go – the world’s leading, specialist insurance market.  Brady ... Read more
  • Drought Problem - Foal deaths on increase
    20th December 2006
    Drought Problem!! - Foal deaths on increase The insurance industry reports that this season has seen a 25% increase in the number of insured foal deaths. This in a season where broodmare stud book numbers have increased for the first time in twenty years, senior veterinary surgeons in the industry say that there appears to be no one cause for this ... Read more
  • Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Club Limited
    18th December 2006
    Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Club Limited The Club, which currently has over 350 members, was formed to assist thoroughbred breeders through the presentation of talks, seminars, stud visits and social activities as well as providing incentive schemes and a Stallion Tender Scheme. New members are always welcome and membership can be arranged by contacting the club secretary. Annual membership fees are $50 for ... Read more
  • Modern Horse Dentistry
    17th December 2006
    Modern Horse Dentistry Being “on the bit” is desirable for most thoroughbred racehorses. This translates to constant bit pressure, constant tongue movement, and unfortunately very often constant discomfort and agitation. A racehorse’s mouth maybe extremely painful without affecting its racing ability, very often dental care is neglected. Even with the tools available today, comprehensive horse dentistry ... Read more
  • Measuring Up Yearlings
    10th December 2006
    Measuring Up Yearlings A study has confirmed what many people have long suspected – yearlings that are tall at the whither and hip, have a long body and large girth have an increased chance of a successful racing career and are more likely to achieve higher earnings than smaller yearlings. Measurement of leg length and circumference were not found to ... Read more
  • USA Hall of Fame Trainer Wayne Lukas
    10th December 2006
    USA Hall of Fame Trainer Wayne Lukas Address to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), 03 December 2006 USA Hall of Fame trainer gave a great talk which focused on his keys to success during a career filled with Eclipse Awards, Classic Race victories and Breeder’s Cup wins. This is a summary of what he said: “If you ... Read more
  • Horse Research and Developments
    3rd December 2006
    Horse Research and Developments The Rural Industries Research and Developments Corporation (RIRDC) horse program aims to assist in developing the Australian Horse Industry and enhancing it’s export potential. The horse industry is one of Australia’s largest rural industries and is worth more than $8 billion a year. There are about 1.2 million horses used for racing, equestrian sports ... Read more
  • RIRDC - Equine Research News
    3rd December 2006
    RIRDC – Equine Research News Colic Survival The latest issue No.2/06 has a very interesting colic article titled - Risk Factors Determining Survival from Colic Surgery – The full article can be seen on the Rural Industries Research and Development website. This site contains many other research items applicable to the horse industry. You can track them down on:  ... Read more
  • Dr Reg Pascoe's advice to Yearling Buyers
    30th November 2006
    Dr Reg Pascoe’s advice to Thoroughbred Yearling Buyers This world renowned veterinary surgeon was a speaker at the recent Queensland Racing Educational Day for new owners. In what turned out to be one of the most interesting topics discussed on the day Reg drew on his 50 years experience to explain in “layman’s” terms what ... Read more
  • Champions - Australian Racing Museum
    29th November 2006
    Visitation Soars – Australian Racing Museum The relocation of the Australian Racing Museum to Federation Square in Melbourne has seen visitation soar to over 100,000 visitors annually. An overwhelming visitor response after opening is now beginning to plateau but the industry’s investment in Champions has exposed the history, culture and excitement of thoroughbred racing to a vastly larger and ... Read more
  • Singapore's Kranji - World's lowest breakdown track
    26th November 2006
    Singapore’s Kranji – World’s lowest breakdown track After seven years of heavy racing on Singapore Turf Club’s Kranji course proper it is now claimed to be the world’s safest track with fewer breakdowns. The Singapore track was chosen after lengthy trials at Bukit Timah in which the Club compared various track surfaces, ... Read more
  • Arabia's Falcons
    21st November 2006
    Falconry a noble art dating back over 1,000 years. Visitors to the United Arab Emirates usually have a checklist of things that are definite ‘must dos’. A picture of the Burj Al Arab? Absolutely. Desert Safari? Definitely. Shopping in some of the world’s best malls? Of course! But there are some other facets of life in the ... Read more
  • Harness Racing Menangle Park
    19th November 2006
    Harness Racing Menangle Park Foundation work for a new 1400 metre track has started at Menangle Park for what is tipped to become a benchmark for the Australian Harness Racing Industry. Deputy Chairman Rex Horne is adamant that when completed it will be the best track anywhere in Australasia, “there is no reason why horses won’t be able ... Read more
  • A Day at the Races: The Horse in Australia
    15th November 2006
    A Day at the Races: The Horse in Australia Mitchell Library The NSW State Library has launched a new online site to show its collection of historical racing images and original items depicting the history of the horse in Australia. The Library has a vast collection conservatively valued at $2 billion and includes historical items from all over Australia which showcase ... Read more

  • 12th November 2006
    W.Cothran “Cot” Campbell USA author and the father of thoroughbred racing syndications. When Dogwood Stable president Cot Campbell first conceived the idea of ownership of thoroughbred racehorses through participation in syndicates, or partnerships as they are known in the USA, he stepped out onto a new playing field alone, destined ever after to be know as the &... Read more
  • Legendary Australian jockey Edgar Britt
    9th November 2006
    Legendary Australian jockey Edgar Britt Legendary Australian jockey Edgar Britt, aged 93 during the last week in October, rode in an era of great jockeys such as Darby Munro, Scobie Breasley, Jim Pike, Billy Cook and Ron Hutchinson but perhaps Edgar’s greatest claim to fame was that he was one of the first Australian jockeys to pioneer overseas race ... Read more
  • The Melbourne Cup - Three Year Olds
    6th November 2006
    The Melbourne Cup - Three Year Olds   Bill Whittaker writing in the Sydney Morning Herald provided the following interesting statistics for the Melbourne Cup.  Over the past 60 years twelve VRC Derby winners have contested the Melbourne Cup in their 3 year old season. The following table shows how the 3 year old’s fared, note their weight increased from ... Read more
  • Aussies 1-2-3 at Burghley, Great Britain
    5th November 2006
    Aussies 1-2-3 at Burghley, Great Britain Australian riders made a clean sweep of the top placings at the August/September 2006 4-star Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in Britain, one of the most prestigious events in the International Eventing calendar. UK-based Lucinda Fredericks and her little mare Headley Britannia didn’t touch a single pole in Sunday’s ... Read more
  • The Craziest Betting Race Ever - Ladbrokes
    31st October 2006
    The Craziest Betting Race Ever – Ladbrokes With the Melbourne Cup only days away and the Japanese horse Pop Rock selected to win by respected journalist Les Carlyon; the following story from the Racing Post on Monday 2nd October 2006 provides an insight into the betting potential of the Japanese if their horse looks like having a chance. Japanese star Pop ... Read more
  • NZ Bloodstock Taxation
    29th October 2006
    NZ Bloodstock Taxation – the new write downs and the business test By John Aubrey Published by the NZTBA: John is a chartered accountant based in Hamilton, and was previously a senior partner in Coopers & Lybrand. He served for eight years on the NZTBA Council, including a term as president, and gave a total ... Read more
  • Pigeon Racing
    22nd October 2006
    Racing Pigeons     John Inglis was a keen student of racing pigeons and for many years kept a good number of them at the Inglis Newmarket Sales Complex in Sydney.   When he died recently the Maroubra Racing Pigeon Club, of which he was a member, had a minutes silence in his honour at their monthly meeting.     ... Read more
  • Feed To Need
    24th September 2006
    FEED TO NEED   The following article appeared in the Equest Newsletter – June/July 2006 Edition. Steven Jeffery is known world-wide as the man who opened the 2000 Sydney Olympic. His breathtaking gallop onto the centre stage with his Stock Horse “Ammo” together with a huge rear and crack of the whip signalled the start of Sydney’s ... Read more
  • Phar Lap Statue For His Birthplace in NZ
    17th September 2006
    Phar Lap Statue For His Birthplace in NZ A $300,000 bronze statue of great New Zealand bred galloper Phar Lap (NZ) (Night Raid)X Entreaty by Winkie) is to be erected in his birthplace of Timaru, New Zealand. A trust has been formed, known as the Phar Lap Charitable Trust, to raise the money required to fund a life-sized bronze memorial ... Read more
  • Colic Control
    10th September 2006
    COLIC CONTROL Colic is one of the most dangerous and costly equine veterinary problems in Australia. It is estimated to occur in one out of every ten mares each year. The following article from the WA Breeders Association magazine Sunspeed Racing is a discussion paper on several management aspects which will help you to understand and hopefully reduce the incidence ... Read more
  • Darley Flying Start students make presentations at Keeneland
    3rd September 2006
    Darley Flying Start students make presentations at Keeneland The 2005 trainees of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum's Darley Flying Start Program gave presentations at a student conference held on Wednesday at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington. After a luncheon for the students and guests, the presentations were introduced by Keeneland trustee William T. "Buddy" Bishop III and Darley Flying Start ... Read more
  • On the brink of disaster
    23rd August 2006
    ON THE BRINK OF DISASTER Global changes in temperature, sea levels, rainfall are now a fact. Lloyds Market Report 24/08/2006 – extract. It is a controversial subject that shows no sign of disappearing – the debate about the effects of climate change is here to stay. Whether or not scientists, insurers, businesses and other parts of society agree on the causes ... Read more
  • USA Foal Numbers Increase
    20th August 2006
    Foal numbers on the rise   Australia is not the only country with an increased foal population.   The American Jockey Club is projecting a 2007 increase of 0.5% over the 2006 crop to 37,500 foals.
  • Queensland Initiative - Synthetic Tracks
    15th August 2006
    Queensland Initiative – Synthetic Tracks Queensland Racing is currently investigating the use of synthetic tracks for the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba and also Eagle Farm and Doomben. Bob Bentley who addressed a meeting of the Queensland Thoroughbred Breeders Association following judging of the Thoroughbred Section at Brisbane’s EKKA on Tuesday 15th August said that this research ... Read more
  • Victoria Country Thoroughbred Festival
    13th August 2006
    Victorian Country Thoroughbred Festival – New Initiative Supported by the State Government, Racing Victoria and Country Racing Victoria the Seymour Racing Club has launched the 2007 Victorian Country Thoroughbred Festival. A new initiative this Festival incorporates a tourism and hospitality 3 day program including stud and winery tours, an equine trade expo, education and training together with a race day hosted by ... Read more
  • Foetal Sex Determination Tests
    10th August 2006
    Foetal Sex Determination Tests A relatively new veterinary procedure is gaining wide acceptance in the world-wide thoroughbred stud industry. Scone veterinary surgeon Kevin Doyle is one of only a handful of vets who have specialized in this area of testing your mare to determine the foetal sex of the foal she is carrying. In the past very few mares in ... Read more
  • Leading Rating Agency gives Lloyd's an A
    2nd August 2006
    Leading rating agency gives Lloyd’s an A Ratings agency A.M. Best has affirmed Lloyd’s financial strength of A (excellent) with a stable outlook, praising the market’s ability to withstand last year’s US hurricanes and the strength of its brand. Best also said that it expects Lloyd’s central assets to ... Read more
  • Queensland Racing Industry
    30th July 2006
    Queensland Racing Industry   Late in June 2006 the Deputy Chairman of Queensland Racing Tony Hanmer made a speech which provided a great insight into the history of Queensland Racing. From July 1, 2006 Queensland Racing will become Queensland Racing Limited and the approved body for the Thoroughbred code in Queensland. Racing occupies a vital place in Queensland’s cultural and sporting ... Read more
  • Preparing For Emergencies
    16th July 2006
    Preparing for Emergencies   Recent events have prompted this article You think it will never happen to you - but no matter how conscientiously you care for your horses, bad things, sometimes catastrophic things, will occur. Chance only favours those who are prepared and in owning horses being prepared should be a priority. Start with the essentials when preparing for ... Read more
  • Stallion Loss of Income Insurance
    9th July 2006
    BREEDING SEASON - STALLION LOSS OF INCOME INSURANCE Every season we have cases of stallions who either die or have a temporary lapse in their work. We therefore thoroughly recommend stallion “income protection insurance” in that it provides compensation against income lost as a result of the stallion being unable to complete his stud duties in the 2006 breeding ... Read more
  • Jaundice In Mares
    2nd July 2006
    Jaundice In Mares In the current edition (June/July) of the Australian Thoroughbred Breeders Club Pty Ltd newsletter I found the following very interesting article – particularly if you expect a foal or two during the 2006 Breeding Season. Club member Dianne Lanham had a mare which was a possible jaundice carrier so she asked Coolmore veterinarian Greg Mitchell for an ... Read more
  • RIRDC launches two new publications
    29th June 2006
    RIRDC launches two new publications Two new publications worthy of mention have recently been released by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.   1. Plants Poisonous to Horses: An Australia Field Guide This book is a guide for horse owners to help them prevent plant poisoning in their horses. It clearly outlines the factors that influence the risk of plant ... Read more
  • Tragedy due to Stable Fire
    22nd June 2006
    Tragedy due to Stable Fire Successful racehorse, Favourite Trick, which won the 1997 Horse of the Year as a 2 year old was perished in a stable fire on the 6th June, 2006. Favourite Trick was undefeated as a 2 year old and became the first 2 year old since Secretariat to win Horse of the Year honours. He earned more than $1.7 million (US). Also ... Read more
  • Sava Jet Story Re-Ignites Controversy
    20th June 2006
    Sava Jet Story Re-Ignites Controversy The article entitled “Sava Jet’s record will never be broken”, from the 9th August, 2005 (see created a high email response. The words of Gordon Bartlett (trainer of Sava Jet) saying he “walked away from the sport (of sprint racing) when the AJC shut us down ... Read more
  • Snake Bites in Horses
    10th June 2006
    Snake Bites in Horses   Horses generally get bitten on the nose, face, or neck by snakes. As a horse has poor close up vision, if they see a snake on the ground they will drop their head down to sniff the reptile. A resultant bite can be fatal as the swelling that follows - to the neck and head ... Read more
  • Royal Ascot Returns to its Berkshire Home
    3rd June 2006
    ROYAL ASCOT - Returns to its Berkshire home in 2006 Royal Ascot returns to its Berkshire home in 2006. The first day of Royal Ascot, Tuesday 20th June will mark the official reopening of the new Grandstand and track, following a major redevelopment programme, the largest of its type anywhere in Europe. The current plan is for Her Majesty The Queen to ... Read more
  • Lloyd's of London Continues Support to UK Veterinary Science Department
    29th May 2006
    Lloyd's of London Continues Support to UK Veterinary Science Department   LEXINGTON, Ky., (April 26, 2006) – Lloyd's of London Underwriters, Brokers and their Kentucky Agents recently gave $45,000 in support of a University of Kentucky equine research publication, The Equine Disease Quarterly. Since the mid-1980s, Lloyd’s of London Underwriters, Brokers and their Kentucky Agents have given nearly $700,000 for research ... Read more
  • Was Phar Lap Secretariat's Equal?
    23rd May 2006
    Talkin' Horses with Bill Nack   Although he is “retired” from Sports Illustrated magazine, Bill Nack is anything but retired. The multiple Eclipse Award-winning Turf writer presently joined the set where the ESPN made-for-TV movie about the great filly Ruffian is being filmed. Nack is an advisor on the project. An authority on the great racehorse Secretariat, Nack ... Read more
  • Saving Nureyev
    17th May 2006
    Saving Nureyev by Kimberly S. Herbert This very interesting article was published in the October 10, 1987 Blood-Horse magazine. Modern surgical and recovery techniques, combined with meticulous care, have been the prescription that has brought Nureyev so far through an ordeal that would have spelled destruction for many other horses.   Dr. J.D. Howard, resident veterinarian for Walmac International (John T.... Read more
  • Travel Sickness
    9th May 2006
    Travel Sickness For most horses, transport is a common occurrence in their lives, but many owners are unaware how shipping can profoundly affect their horses’ health. Horses that travel long distances are particularly susceptible to developing pleuropneumonia, commonly referred to as travel sickness. A respiratory infection that affects the lungs and pleural (chest) cavity in horses, travel sickness quickly ... Read more
  • UK Scientists Identify Speed Genes In Horses
    2nd May 2006
    UK Scientists Identify Speed Genes in Horses An organisation based in Britain has published ground-breaking genetic research which could have enormous implications for the way thoroughbred racehorses are bred, trained and raced. Thoroughbred Genetics has published the results of a six-year study in the international peer-reviewed journal, Mitochondrion.  It is the first proof that there is an association between ... Read more
  • Waler Memorial
    25th April 2006
    Waler Memorial Tamworth might be better known as the country music capital but people are making a pilgrimage there for another reason - to see the Waler Memorial. Unveiled in October 2005 this life size, life-like bronze memorial to the Australian Light Horse is a project which had taken four years of dedicated work to become a reality. During World War ... Read more
  • Chilean-bred Thoroughbreds - Hot on the World Stage
    16th April 2006
    Chilean-bred Thoroughbreds - Hot on the World Stage by Jane Henning and Nelson Sepulveda Chile is one country whose thoroughbreds are gaining a worldwide reputation and particularly with regards to suitability to our climate and deserves our serious consideration.  If the recent importation to Australia of the 2005 Chilean Horse of the Year 'Cefalu' results in stakes wins in ... Read more
  • Recognising Avian Influenza or Bird Flu
    21st March 2006
    All insurers are now including the following exclusion on all bloodstock and livestock policies:- Avian Influenza Policy Exclusion “Subject otherwise to all the terms, conditions and exclusions of this policy to which this exclusion is attached, it is understood and agreed that this insurance does not cover death or destruction for humane reasons directly or indirectly caused by, ... Read more
  • Kentucky Derby & The World's Largest Equine Museum
    19th March 2006
    Kentucky Derby & The World's Largest Equine Museum   Col. M. Lewis Clark Jr., inspired by the Epsom Derby (Englad G1) in England, inaugurated the Kentucky Derby in 1875 at his newly opened Louisville Jockey Club Course (Churchill Downs wouldn't get its current name until 1886).  The race was designed to be the centrepice of Thoroughbred racing in Kentucky, as well ... Read more
  • Stem Cell Therapy A Major Advance
    16th March 2006
    Stem Cell Therapy A major advance Adelaide-based animal health company Vet Biotechnology is in the process of satisfying the final regulatory requirements prior to marketing an adult stem cell therapy for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries in horses. “This therapy offers the opportunity to regenerate tendons and ligaments by minimising scar tissue that leads to a poor ... Read more
  • New Zealand National Sales History
    9th March 2006
    New Zealand National Sales History The National Yearling Sales have been part of the New Zealand thoroughbred industry for so long it’s difficult to imagine the concept ever needed development. Yet for the first seventy years or so that thoroughbred horse were bred or raced in New Zealand there was no national sale. During this period Pyne, Gould, ... Read more
  • World's Craziest Horse Race
    7th March 2006
    Worlds Craziest Horse Race When champion Australian stayer Sailor’s Guide won the Washington International in 1958 it was dubbed by the media as ‘one of the craziest races in turf history’. Sailor’s Guide beaten 3 ½ lengths by American horse Tudor Era won the $100,000 event on a protest. Jockey Grant who rode Sailor’s Guide ... Read more
  • Bright Future Off to a Flying Start
    2nd March 2006
    Bright Future Off to a Flying Start        by Lissa Oliver The Darley Flying Start management training programme is the brainchild of Sheik Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum, helping to develop future leaders of the bloodstock industry. It provides twelve lucky students each year with a unique opportunity to take their talents around the globe ... Read more
  • Stanley Wootton - A Breeder of Champions
    26th February 2006
    Stanley Wootton – A Breeder Of Champions When horse racing is discussed in Australia the name of Stanley Wootton invariably arises. Stanley Wootton imported to Australia the outstanding sire Star Kingdom and the mare Oceana, which produced one of Australia’s greatest racehorses – Todman. The son of Dick Wootton, a successful horse trainer both in Australia and England, ... Read more
  • Cambridge
    16th February 2006
    CAMBRIDGE, NEW ZEALAND Equine Statues & Equine Walk of Fame Just 2 hours south east of Auckland on the main southern highway is the small town of Cambridge with its charming rural/English atmosphere.  The Cambridge region is famous for its many equine achievemnets.  World-reknowned studs, training and bloodstock facilities are based in and around the town. The ... Read more
  • How Irish wizard O'Brien got them dancing to his tune
    7th February 2006
    How Irish Wizard O'Brien got them Dancing to his tune.   by Max Presnell   'A good horse should move like a ballet dancer,' - a yardstick of Vincent O'Brien.  The four-legged Nijinsky, O'Brien's great champion, presumably moved like the two-legged variety. Nobody could achieve more in the equine field than O’Brien.  Not only did ... Read more
  • Semipalatinsk Passes Away
    1st February 2006
    Semipalatinsk By Shayne O'Cass When Colin McAlpine received the phone call in the wee hours following the Magic Millions raceday, he knew it was bad news.  It usually is. The not entirely unexpected news was passed on from Colin’s son Scott that Eureka Stud stalwart Semipalatinsk had died after a short battle with colic.  He was 28. &... Read more
  • Gertrude
    25th January 2006
    OBITUARY by Kate Harris Gertrude “Gertie” Brook 1922 – 2005 Gertrude “Gertie” Brook, the only woman to win campdrafting’s most prestigious event, the Warwick Gold Cup, passed away peacefully on Boxing Day 2005. Gertie created campdrafting history in 1951 when she was successful on the wonderful gelding Popeye, owned by Clive and Len Ballard, of the Macleay district &... Read more
  • Australian Racecallers
    20th January 2006
    AUSTRALIAN RACECALLERS Our colourful Melbourne agent got this mention in the Winning Post (21/1/06) From the feedback they get at Winning Post, their letters page is usually the first read by many of you. Its contents confirm that punters are an opinionated bunch, and it’s fair to say there are more “potters” in the average edition of ... Read more
  • E-TRAKKA - New Technology for Training Horses
    12th January 2006
    E-TRAKKA – NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR TRAINING RACEHORSES E-Trakka is a personal fitness monitoring system for horses – during training it combines readings from a heart-rate monitor with readings from a GPS (Global Positioning System) –based velocity meter to produce a single fitness score. Invented by Andrew Stuart who at 15 was a jockey and at 19 retired due to height and ... Read more
    5th January 2006
    TOP 10 HORSE CARE TIPS 1. Worming It’s been estimated that regular worming has been the most significant advance in horse care over the past 100 years, responsible for increased horse life span… making it number 1 on our list!  Horses should be wormed regularly, combined with good pasture management such as regularly picked up manure.  Remember to ... Read more
  • Growth In Australian Racing
    2nd January 2006
    Australian Racing Fact Book Released (Australian Racing Board) - or downloaded from the website   The Australian Racing Board has released the 2004-05 edition of the Australian Racing Fact Book, reference guide to the Australian thoroughbred racing industry.   "There is a consistently high level of demand for records relating to the ... Read more
  • New Book recalls 1000 horses roamed Scone Stud
    27th December 2005
    New Book recalls the time when a 1000 horses roamed the one Scone Stud In the late 1800s, an era before motor transport and in which the Australian population was less that four million, one pastoral property near Scone in the Hunter Valley, ran more than a thousand horses of a variety of description including thoroughbreds. Serviced by the Kingdon Ponds ... Read more
  • Artist has Hat Trick
    26th December 2005
    ARTIST HAS “HAT TRICK” Strawberry Malt (Lion Hunter – Royal Malt by Black Zephyr) 3 year old filly. Strawberry Malt was bred and raised by Australia’s best equine artist, the Toowoomba based Brian Malt.  Her third dam is Maltmaid by Malt Denis whose dam Maltgilla was by Malt King, a son of the legendary sire Maltster. ... Read more
  • TALKIN' HORSES with Alan Porter
    19th December 2005
    TALKIN’ HORSES with Alan Porter Pedigree advisor Alan Porter has been professionally involved with Thoroughbreds for almost 30 years, has been a writer on racing and breeding for more than 25 years, and has been planning matings for 18 years.     Over the years, Porter has written columns for The Daily Racing Form, The Thoroughbred Daily News, Pacemaker, The Australian Bloodhorse ... Read more
  • Watch Stallion's Waistline
    16th December 2005
    Watch stallion’s waistline by Heather Smith Thomas Just as in people, diet and exercise are keys to managing a stallion’s weight. PROPER BODY CONDITION is important for the health, longevity, and breeding performance of stallions. An obese stallion is less likely to have a robust libido and more likely to develop health problems. An underweight stallion ... Read more
  • Talking of Thoroughbred Champions
    14th December 2005
    TALKING OF THOROUGHBRED CHAMPIONS English Author Nat Gould reckons the best racehorse he ever saw during his time in Australia was Carbine, or Old Jack as he was known.  By Musket from Mersey, Carbine was born in New Zealand and purchased as a yearling by Dan O’Brien for 620 Guineas. In any other era with the assistance of ... Read more
  • UK Fertililty Survey Results
    12th December 2005
    UK Fertility Survey Results   In the UK, a major study on stud farm efficiency conducted by Professor Twink Allen of the Equine Fertility Unit in Newmarket has found thoroughbred mares "are remarkably fertile despite the fact breeders do not select for fertility," reported   "However this fertility, combined with advanced veterinarty techniques, obscures the fact some ... Read more
  • Rubiton
    6th December 2005
    RUBITON (Century – Ruby, by Seventh Hussar (FR)) In an era when breeders are searching for outcrosses to the all pervasive Northern Dancer and Mr Prospector strains, it was particularly sad to note the recent death of Rubiton.  The 23-year-old sire was what is now virtually an endangered species, a male line descendant of the Byerley Turk (of the ... Read more
  • Strapping In Style
    5th December 2005
    Strapping in Style - by Alison Aphrys   If you have noticed how stylish the strappers and their horses look in the parade ring before Group 1 races at Royal Randwick and various Country Cups, then it's a fair bet that Bob Logan, managing director of Logan Livestock Insurance Agency, is on the course to present a Logan's Strapper's Horse Excellence ... Read more
  • The Alpaca & Llama - New World Camelids
    28th November 2005
    Alpaca & Llamas Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos and Vicunas are collectively known as New World Camelids.  Originally they all came from Central America, are all members of the camelid family and are related to Bactrian and Dromedary camels.   Alpacas and Llamas are almost certain descendants of the wild, and now rare, Guanacos and Vicunas of Central America.&... Read more
  • Banjo Paterson
    14th November 2005
    BANJO PATERSON Banjo Paterson was a major contributor to the Racing Hall of Fame’s collection of racing stories and verses.  In fact he is currently the only writer in the Australian Racing Hall of Fame. ANDREW BARTON PATERSON was born on 17 February 1864 at Narambla, New South Wales.  His parents lived at Buckinbah Station at Yeoval (the ... Read more
  • Q & A with Dr Percy Sykes
    1st November 2005
    Q & A WITH DR PERCY SYKES Courtesy of Racetrack Magazine and Dr Michael Robinson of Randwick Equine Centre Few people have had as far reaching influence on horse racing in this country as Dr Percy Sykes.  The 85-year-old veterinarian began practice in Sydney in 1951, establishing P.E. Sykes & Partners (now the Randwick Equine Centre) out of his ... Read more
  • Phar Lap: The best that ever was?
    17th October 2005
    Phar Lap: The best that ever was? by Ross Stapleton. October 20, 2005 finally sees the DVD release of “Phar Lap” – the best Australian sports movie ever made. His legend remains familiar to generations as one of our two greatest sporting icons alongside Bradman. But while our most revered champion racehorse – was he “the best that ever ... Read more
  • Racing into a New Era
    9th October 2005
    Racing into a New Era By a remarkable coincidence Dash for Cash, the first top grade performer by Secret Savings (USA), the sire of 2005 AJC Breeders' Plate winner Super Savings, the first winner to be 'zapped' in the mounting yard prior to performing his task on the racecourse, has a horse close up in his breeding who obviously played a ... Read more
  • The Golden Slipper - A Breeders' Dream
    28th September 2005
    THE GOLDEN SLIPPER - A BREEDERS’ DREAM The late Dan Buffier was a third generation Aussie and one of the most respected breeders in a great era in the history of the thoroughbred industry. Just before he died, well-known thoroughbred identity Graham Orr wrote this (edited) article about the great man. You might wonder what the article has to ... Read more
  • Country Racing
    21st September 2005
    COUNTRY RACING In my time, Docket was one.  River Ridge another, indeed one of the best.  And then there were the likes of Queer Street and Solo Lad and the bonny mare, Black Look, no more than a pony. And Merry Jack.  As true as steel.  One day in the last at Randwick, Merry Jack (Red, ... Read more
  • The History of the Gabba Greyhound Racing Club
    29th August 2005
    The History of the Gabba Greyhound Racing Club   The founding of the Gabba Greyhound Racing Club at the same ground as Brisbane's hallowed home of Test cricket - Woolloongabba - would prove to be one of the great success stories of post World War 2 Queensland sport. Openly laughed at by many as being doomed to failure, no night greyhound ... Read more
  • Goddam OCD's
    23rd August 2005
    Osteochondritis DessicansBone chips and other skeletal problems are common occupational hazards for both young horses and people who buy and sell them.Young horses are 500 to 1000 pound animals supported on legs with bones the size of broom handles.  More significantly these bones are not yet hard enough to withstand the stress and trauma of a training regimen that when ... Read more
  • How Some of Australia's Top Races Got Their Names
    19th July 2005
    HOW SOME OF AUSTRALIA’S TOP RACES GOT THEIR NAMES There is a plethora of Group or feature races run each year around Australia.  Generally the history behind the naming of the races goes unnoticed. It is not rocket science to work out how the Kingston Town Stakes, Tulloch Stakes, Melbourne Cup or South Australian Derby got their ... Read more
  • What Happens To Old Racehorses
    19th July 2005
    WHAT HAPPENS TO OLD RACEHORSES"CHIEF DE BEERS" Just over a decade ago, a son of Hula Chief and Diamonds For Rosie called Chief De Beers thrilled race goers with a sterling victory in Doomben’s time honoured annual feature Group 1 sprint – the Doomben 10,000.  Three years later (1998) saw Chief De Beers repeat the dose, when he decimated ... Read more
  • Safety Around Horses
    3rd July 2005
      By Carolyn Jarman There is no such thing (in my opinion) as a foolproof horse.I have taught riding and handling of horses most of my life and there will always be an element of doubt.  Some horses can be trusted completely but the human element cannot.  Take for example an Arabian gelding that I hand reared ... Read more
  • Do Many People Insure Their Horses?
    8th May 2005
    This often asked question has been partly answered in an excellent recently published book on America’s Billion-Dollar racehorse industry. Written by the Daily Racing Forms journalist and author of The Lives, Times and Past Performances of the 20th Century’s Greatest Thoroughbreds - Glenye Cain , this 2004 published book titled The Home Run Horse provides a graphic insight ... Read more
  • Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
    8th May 2005
    In the northern hemisphere spring of 2001, a disease of unknown origin caused thousands of mares in central Kentucky to abort their foetuses wiping  out approximately one-third of The States entire foal crop that year – or about2,700 foetuses. Hundreds of other mares produced sickly foals that later died – most of the mares never showed any sign of illness, ... Read more
  • How Carbine Conquered Sydney
    14th January 2005
    How Carbine Conquered Sydney The AJC Autumn Carnival is one of the highpoints of the Australian Racing Carnival - Eurythmic, Gloaming, Manfred, Phar Lap, Peter Pan, Tulloch, Galilee, Gunsynd, Kingston Town, to name but a few, and in more recent times Super Impose, Octagonal and Sunline. But none have come close to emulating the feats of Carbine in his three ... Read more
  • Big Plans for Scone Vets
    21st August 2004
    BIG PLANS FOR SCONE VETS The Hunter Valley’s Scone Veterinary Hospital will, by mid 2006, be operating from a brand new multi million dollar building which will be “one of the world’s most advanced specialist veterinary facilities”. The new centre, which is to be built on 11 hectares of land on the northern outskirts of Scone, ... Read more
  • Let's Remember Champion Bernborough
    17th August 2004
    LET’S REMEMBER CHAMPION BERNBOROUGH August, 2004 After the Doomben 10,000 was run last Saturday and the Doomben Cup is run next Saturday, it is timely to just reflect for one moment on the champion Bernborough who was able to win the 1946 versions of both races under crushing weights. At the time he won the 1946 Doomben 10,000, it was called the T. ... Read more
  • Commonly Asked Questions On Strangles
    30th April 2004
    COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON STRANGLES INTRODUCTION Equine strangles is the most important bacterial disease of members of the horse family (horses, donkeys, mules and zebras).  It occurs worldwide, at any time of the year, is highly contagious, and has been recognized for over 7 centuries.  It has been difficult over the years to explain the ability of the disease ... Read more
  • If At First You Don't Succeed - Just Keep Breeding
    29th February 2004
    IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED – JUST KEEP BREEDING! Broodmares do not need to be great racetrack performers to be successful in the breeding barn.  In fact, heavily raced mares often fail to produce anything with remotely their own ability when put to stud – as do heavily raced stallions. Let me prove in this exercise ... Read more
  • Buying A Yearling
    11th December 2003
    Leola Jacobs talks with George SmithOne of Australia's most respected judges of thoroughbred horses, George Smith, believes that the first sight of a young racehorse is the best guide to grasping its quality. "First impressions are the best," Smith told me at the Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale in February 2002.I'd gone there to ask him about the things he considers ... Read more
  • Insuring High Risk Horse Flesh
    13th April 2003
    This Article written by Bob Logan appeared in The Australian Newspaper on Monday April 14 2003 Insuring high-risk horse flesh Unfortunately many horse owners see insurance as a necessary evil. They just sign an annual cheque without understanding the cover and hope for the best when a claim occurs. They rely entirely on the expertise of their agent to keep them out ... Read more