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The History of the Australian Bloodhorse

Horse Insurance

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Protect Your Investment

Logans insures all types of horses including thoroughbreds, racehorses, stallions, foals, mares, syndicated horses, hacks, camp drafters, cutting horses, rodeo & time event horses and miniatures. For Logans Equestrian Package see our main menu at the top of this page.

Insurance Covers

Logans cover a wide range of horse insurance including:

Mortality, Theft, Transit, Stallion Infertility, Stallion Loss of Income, Infertility, Unborn Foals, Mare Barrenness, Embryo Transfer and Insurance for Syndicated Horses.

For more information see the menu on the left or for a quote call one of our friendly staff or you can request a quote online.

Why Insure?

As values increase more and more horses are being insured.  Insurance for many people is a purchase that they would rather not make and insurance of animals is no exception. Luckily for some people they do not see the end result of their insurance policy in the form of a claim cheque. But that is, in essence the purpose of insurance, to indemnify the owner of the policy in the event of the loss.

Horses are one of the most accident prone animals on the planet

Horses are high risk - studies show that the chance of claiming on a horse is 28 times greater than claiming on a house insurance policy.

Many horse owners believe that because of the high level of care and attention their horses receive, they will never have a loss and subsequent claim. But as any horseman will tell you, even with the very best care and attention, it is impossible to prevent accidents and illnesses occurring which cause the death of horses.

Investing in suitable insurance coverage is obviously the way to protect your investment and ensure that funds are available to replace your horse if a loss occurs.