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The History of the Australian Bloodhorse

Why Choose Logans?

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  • Over 40 years Experience
  • Specialised
  • Independent Ownership
  • Professional
  • Trusted
  • Prompt Claim Payments
  • Specially Designed Policies
  • Competitive Premiums




  1. Specialised - Logans have an intimate knowledge of horse/livestock insurance.  All we do is horse and livestock related insurance.  We don't sell other types of insurance or financial products, buy and sell horses/livestock or run an auction house.  We are solely focused on providing the best quality, value and service for horse and livestock related insurances.

  2. Independent Ownership - We are owned 100% by management who are involved in the day to day operations of the business.  You can always speak tothe principal Richard Logan anytime knowing you are talking to the boss who understands horses/livestock and insurance.  Importantly we do not belong to other groups or insurers.

  3. Professional - We do not believe that service starts and finish when the premium is paid.  Attention to detail and claims is what our reputation has been built on for over 40 years.

  4. Trusted - We are trusted by the insurers and clients for our integrity and confidentiality.  This means better deals and superior claims for our clients. 

  5. Prompt Claim Payments - We have a 40 year history of making the claim process as easy as possible and settling them promptly.

  6. Specially Designed Policies - Because of our experience, specialization and understanding of the industry and policy wording our clients benefit from specially designed policies that take into account their specific individual circumstances. 

  7. Competitive Premiums - You don't pay extra to enjoy the benefits of using Logans.

  8. In Operation for over 40 years - Shows a commitment to their customers, the horse/livestock industries and insurance industry. Logans have a customer focused culture where quality is not an accident but the result of 40 years of planning and effort.




Our clients are our best advertisement.  The key to Logans continued success in horse insurance is the fact that our clients keep on coming back every year and have done so for over 40 years.


Clients say we are unique because: 

-          Logans respond quickly to requests and service

-          Logans are easily accessible

-          Logans speak the horseman's language

-          Logans are involved in the industry

-          Logans work hard at keeping their customers satisfied

-          Logans don't desert you when there is a difficult claim to settle

-          Logans have fast claim payments

-          Logans are great to recommend to friends

Our founder Bob Logan said "Quality is not an accident, it is always the result of high intention and sincere effort.". This tradition continues under Richard Logan