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When a Problem Occurs

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When a Problem Occurs - Contact Logans Immediatley

A very important aspect of all policies is that Logans must be informed immediately of health related problems (illness, injury etc.) either at the time or as soon as practical, shortly after. Insurance owners can compromise the policy if they fail to notify the insurer at an early date. We have seen a few instances when the owner of the horse thought his or her veterinarian would handle this. However, the responsibility to inform Logans belongs to the owner of the policy.

After a problem has been identified, the attending veterinarian normally provides a written report and prognosis which needs to be forwarded to Logans. If the horse dies, we will provide the necessary claims reports to be completed by both the owner and veterinarian. If the horse recovers, the owner needs to obtain a report from the veterinarian confirming that the horse has recovered and is now clinically normal. Complicated cases will often require more than one opinion and/or a referral, and this should be done with the insurance company's knowledge. In other words, keep all parties "in the know". Most problem claims usually occur through a lack of "up front" communication when the problem first emerges.