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Stallion Insurance Covers

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Stallion Infertility Insurance

A mortality policy can be extended to cover the stallion in the event that he becomes totally and permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of serving mares as a result of an accident, illness or disease.

Commonly the cover is referred to as "ASD", because of the fact that it covers against the infertility being as a result of an Accident, Sickness or Disease that is sustained or contracted during the period of insurance.

This extension does not cover against the stallion being congenitally infertile. Another type of insurance is available to protect owners of first season stallions against their horse being congenitally infertile, that being Stallion First Season Infertility Insurance.

Stallion Loss of Income Insurance

Stallion owners/shareholders can insure against a loss of income resulting from their stallion being unable to fulfil its stud duties in a particular breeding season.  Depending upon the wording of the policy, the insurance can include or exclude loss due to death of the stallion.

The sum insured is based upon the income expected during the season, taking into consideration the number of mares booked, the stallion's fee and the fertility rate. The cover usually provides for a claim in the event that income is lost due to the stallion being out of action for all or part of the nominated breeding season. The claim amount is dependent upon income lost, taking into account income derived. This insurance can run in conjunction with a mortality insurance policy.


Stallion First Season Congenital Infertility Insurance

Owners of stallions set to stand their first season at stud can insure against their stallion being infertile due to a congenital abnormality of its semen, or a congenital inability to breed.

There is more than one type of policy for first season stallions, however the insurance most commonly purchased covers against the stallion achieving less than a 60% fertility rate, from a minimum number of 20 mares.

If you are considering first season infertility insurance on your stallion, please contact Logans well before the start of the stud season to allow plenty of time to arrange the cover.

This insurance is highly specialised and, given the very nature of the risk, complex in its form. Logans have developed an expertise when it comes to Stallion insurance. We will advise and assist you towards arranging the cover best suited to your needs. Importantly, we will also be there for you with our expertise should a claim arise.