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  • Logans - Fifty Years of Trust
    29th April 2014
    As printed in Gai's Gazette April 2014 Logans - Fifty Years of Trust For many of us in the thoroughbred racing industry, the name Logans is synonymous with horse insurance. Logans was established in 1964 when Bob Logan started out as a life insurance agent. He had a pregnant wife, Lorraine, a dog and a kitchen table. He had recently completed the ... Read more
  • The Regulatory Regime for Thoroughbred Syndications
    12th December 2013
    The Regulatory Regime governing the syndication of thoroughbred horses for racing purposes Author: AB (Tony) Fleiter BEc., LLB – Principal, Macquarie Legal Practice Postal Address:  PO Box 299, NORTH SYDNEY, NSW, 2059 Telephone: +61 2 9235 2500; Facsimile:  +61 2 9235 1511 Email:; Website: [First published December, 2008; Revised in August, 2012 and August, 2013] Tony has 30 years’ experience specialising in ... Read more
  • Protecting Equine Athletes from Osteoarthritis
    15th October 2013
    Protecting Equine Athletes from Osteoarthritis Equine Research Coordination Group White Paper Contact: Anne Dadds, Research Coordinator +1 (859) 233-0147, ext. 221 Since most horses are used for recreational or performance activities, soundness is understandably of vital importance to horse owners. A 2003 study suggested that 60 percent of lameness problems in horses are related to osteoarthritis, thus stressing the importance of advancements ... Read more
  • Climate Change and Horse Owners
    16th January 2013
    Climate Change and Horse Owners - RIRDC Equine Research News, December 2012 The research project 'Climate Change for Horse Owners' funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Horse program and managed by the Horse Federation of South Australia (HorseSA) aimed to discover how horse owners feel, what they know, and how much preparation they are undertaking for climate ... Read more
  • Experimental Drug Offers Laminitis Hope
    15th November 2012
      Experimental Drug Offers Laminitis Hope Friday, 16th November 2012 Horses suffering Laminitis, an often life-threatening hoof condition, have been offered a beacon of light via an experimental drug, "Discovered by entomologists doing research on biological insect control substances," the new drug "now holds some promise as an effective treatment for laminitis." Known as t-TUCB, the new drug will ... Read more
  • Racings $100M Windfall
    29th March 2012
    The NSW thoroughbred racing industry is set to reap a $100 million bonanza following a ruling handed down this morning by the High Court.Read more:
  • Tax Tips for Horse Business Disruptions
    24th November 2011
    Tax Tips by Paul Carrazzo CPA It's not well known that our tax laws contain concessions that help victims of financial disruptions to cope financially through difficult periods. It makes the job of an Accountant that little bit more rewarding when we can pass on and apply these concessions. This article will outline and discuss the concessions and a few ... Read more
  • Equine Laminitis
    20th November 2011
    Equine Laminitis -          Managing pasture to reduce the risk The full version of this document can be downloaded from Executive Summary What the report is about This report explains how environmental conditions can trigger three-fold increases in the sugar, starch and fructan (collectively called non-structural carbohydrates or ... Read more
  • Diarrhoeal Disease In Horses
    28th September 2011
      DIARRHOEAL DISEASE IN HORSES RIRDC HORSE RESEARCH by Thomas V Riley, Sara Thean and Briony Elliott Report from RIRDC Publication No. 11/032 - April 2011   Clostridium difficile is a disease-causing pathogen in humans and horses. For the first time its presences has been confirmed in Australia on the report Diarrhoeal disease in horses in Australia - The possible role of ... Read more
  • Predicting Osteochondrosis In Australian Thoroughbreds
    24th August 2011
      Predicting Osteochondrosis in Australian Thoroughbreds RIRDC Horse Research Article from RIRDC March 2011 issue   By:- Kao Castle, Leo B Jeffcot, Herman W Raadsma, Imke Tammen and Frank W Nicholas.   The developmental orthopacdic disease osteochondrosis (OC, also commonly known as osteochondritis dissecans or OCD) can cost breeders hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost sales. It ... Read more
  • New Laws for Thoroughbred Industry
    16th August 2011
      Lien or Lean: Get Your Priorities Right, or Get Ready to Come Last By George Fraser From about the end of October 2011 how a thoroughbred stud enforces its interest in a horse is going to change. We would all be familiar with (or at least vaguely aware of) the concepts of lien and power of sale that appear in ... Read more
  • Measuring The Interaction Between Hoof And Track Surface
    10th August 2011
      New Research Project from RIRDC  Article from RIRDC July 2011 issue  Measuring The Interaction Between Hoof And Track Surface  Researchers: Jonathan Merritt and Dr Helen Davis, University of Melbourne and Dr Hilary Clayton, Michigan State University. A new study commissioned by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) Horse Programme aims to improve the methods that ... Read more
  • Hendra Virus Alert
    12th July 2011
    HENDRA VIRUS - A STUD FARM PERSPECTIVE BY DALE ANDERSON I have written this open letter as I am a stud farm owner and racehorse owner/breeder and feel the message needs to URGENTLY be delivered to everybody.  I am also a scientist and a member of the Queensland DPI's Biosecurity Liaison Group.  Whilst I am not an ... Read more
  • Vital Research & Development in the Horse Industry
    19th June 2011
    The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) RIRDC is a statutory authority established by the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989 (PIERD Act).  The Corporation was established by the Australian Government to work with industry to invest in research and development for a more profitable, sustainable and dynamic rural sector. Logans is a long term supporter ... Read more
  • ATO Focus on Revenue Losses
    14th May 2011
    ATO Focus on Revenue Losses By Paul Carazzo What is a horse business for ATO purposes? It goes without saying that my office has seen many instances over the years where SMEs have had their business status questioned by the ATO and their tax losses put at risk. I don't expect this ATO project to be any different and I'm ... Read more
  • Stop To Coal Mine Threatening The Thoroughbred Industry in NSW
    13th May 2010
    The NSW Government has announced this morning that it will prohibit coal mining at the Bickham site in the NSW Upper Hunter Valley. This is following a campaign by the horse industry to alert the government of the potential catastrophic risks to some of our most high profile thoroughbred studs and breeding opeations located near Scone. In addition, the Government ... Read more
  • Escape the New Horse Loss Rules - Paul Carazzo CPA
    6th May 2010
      ESCAPE THE NEW HORSE LOSS RULES!   Well, what a joy to finally pass on some good news re the new horse loss rules for high income earners.  No, they haven't gone away, unfortunately, but there can be a legitimate way to avoid them if your employer co-operates. These loss rules are part of what is ... Read more
  • World -First Sequencing of the Horse Genome
    1st March 2010
    Article taken from Roundhouse - Newsletter of the Veterinary Science Foundation of University of Sydney - Dec 09   The horse was only supposed to have a partial assembly of its genome.  But genome sequencing has developed so quickly and cost-effectively that a first complete sequence of the horse genome has now been published in the prestigious Science journal.  ... Read more
  • Vale Jack Denham
    14th December 2009
    The passing of Jack Denham has touched everyone here at Logans. Jack trained some of our great Australian thoroughbreds owned by our clients including Marscay and Might and Power. It is hard to not think that his passing is the end of an era for racing. We send out our condolences to his wife Joyce and family. The following was ... Read more
  • Comment Now on Report for the Importation of Horses
    8th December 2009
    Biosecurity Australia Release Draft Import Risk Analysis Report For Horses form Approved Countries As part of the Governments response to the Commission of Inquiry into the August 2007 EI outbreak in Australia, Biosecurity Australia has produced a draft import risk analysis (IRA) report. This report covers the importation of horses from countries and regions from which Australia currently allows.These include ... Read more
  • The End of Victoria's Jump Racing
    30th November 2009
    In what will be deemed an historic announcement for thoroughbred racing in Australia, Racing Victoria has announced that the 2010 season will be the last for jumps racing in Victoria. A program of highweight races will be scheduled for the 2011 season to assist with the transition for jockeys, trainers and horses.RVL has also committed $1 million to a Transition and Marketing ... Read more
  • Breakthrough in Fight Against Hendra Virus
    5th November 2009
      Researchers have been working for 15 years, since trainer Vic Rail died from the disease to develop a treatment for the deadly Hendra virus. A paper published on the 30 October 2009 in the journal PLos Pathogens explains that CSIRO and US scientists have discovered an antibody which blocks the virus from attaching to the cells in the small blood vessels.  "... Read more
  • 199 Years Ago - The First Official Horse Race in Australia
    14th October 2009
    It was one hundred and ninety-nine years ago that the first horses were sent around Hyde Park in what was termed at the time as 'the first liberal amusement instituted in the Colony'. While Lachlan Macquarie was credited as the patron and founder it was really the first officers of the first battalion of the 73rd Regiment who organised the ... Read more
  • Calming Aroused Horses
    28th July 2009
    A recent report published in Equine Research News has found that a familiar handler will help calm an aroused horse. Research was carried out by Amanda Warren Smith from Charles Sturt University, Larry Greetham from Piplyn Lodge, Gundaroo and Paul McGreevy from Sydney University. They investigated the behavioural and physiological effects of the presence of a familiar handler on a ... Read more
  • More On Tax with Paul Carrazzo
    2nd July 2009
    Breednet - Media Release - Wednesday, 1 July 2009 This office issued a special release to the racing and breeding industry on 14 May 2009 re the Budget announcement relating to the intended changes to the "Non-Commercial Loss" ("NCL") rules affecting the deductibility of business losses for High Wealth Individuals (HWls). The new NCL rules proposed were to ensure losses from unprofitable business activities ... Read more
  • Integrated Pest Management for the Horse Farm
    12th October 2008
    Integrated Pest Management for the Horse Farm By Cindy Edward and Ary Hoffmann Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation June 2007 RIRDC Publication No 07/090   What the report is about Horse owners are advised to ‘worm’ their horses every six to twelve weeks. Sole reliance on these chemicals to control horse parasites is expensive and most likely detrimental to ... Read more
  • Equine Influenza Inquiry
    15th June 2008
    Government releases Equine Influenza Inquiry report Federal Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke has released the report of the inquiry into last year’s equine influenza outbreak, conducted by the Hon. Ian Callinan AC, along with the Federal Government’s response. The Government has agreed to all 38 of Commissioner Callinan’s recommendations. Commissioner Callinan concluded ... Read more
  • Chilean Bred
    3rd March 2008
    Chilean-bred Thoroughbreds: Hot on the World Stage by Jane Henning and Nelson Sepúlveda   The transportation of thoroughbreds from one hemisphere to the other is now a routine occurrence, a practice with mixed results and problems which are only now becoming recognised. Acclimatisation to opposite weather patterns, synchronization with breeding cycles and suitability to our racing surfaces are ... Read more
  • Stallion Syndication
    29th November 2007
    Stallion Syndication By Tony Fleiter B.Ec. LLB., Solicitor (October, 2007) www.sirecustodians   Tony Fleiter is the Principal of law firm Macquarie Legal Practice and Managing Director of Sire Custodians Ltd (AFSL 223671). He specializes in the provision of legal services to the Australian thoroughbred industry and has a unique level of practical work experience ... Read more
  • Pros & Cons of EI Vaccination
    25th September 2007
    Pros, Cons of Flu Vaccination   This article was published in The Australian on September 17th 2007.,25197,22428037-5013405,00.html   A RANGE of issues must be weighed in considering the use of vaccination in Australia's response to the current equine influenza outbreak. The Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Diseases, a special body within the Australian ... Read more
  • Vaccinating Against EI
    5th September 2007
    Vaccinating Against EI   There has been a lot of debate on whether or not to vaccinate against Equine Influenza.  Below are some interesting pieces on the topic.    The first is from , an interview by Tara Magdwick with Dr Tim Roberts.  It was Dr Roberts who first alerted authorities to the outbreak ... Read more
  • It's Not Unusual
    29th May 2007
    It's Not Unusual Lloyd's once insured the transportation of ten elephants in an aeroplane. Insuring the more obscure risks is all in a day’s work for some underwriters and brokers In the Lloyd’s Market. How many elephants can you fit into an aeroplane? It’s not a joke: it’s just one of the ... Read more
  • Bob Logan - Farewell to a true lover of the game
    26th April 2007
    By Max Presnell   DON'T get the wrong idea about Bob Logan going down last Friday at the Newmarket stables bar during the broodmare sale for a long count from which he never recovered. Logan, 68, was one of those blokes it was always a pleasure to see at the races, sales or wherever turf enthusiasts gather, but he was generally ... Read more
  • UK scientists issue a global warning
    18th April 2007
    UK SCIENTISTS ISSUE A GLOBAL WARNING   Climate change could be happening much faster than previously thought. The insurance industry should start planning now for potentially higher losses as both the severity and frequency of weather events may increase, according to Lloyd’s latest research on climate change. Climate change has previously been seen as a gradual phenomenon which ... Read more
  • Horse Research and Developments
    3rd December 2006
    Horse Research and Developments The Rural Industries Research and Developments Corporation (RIRDC) horse program aims to assist in developing the Australian Horse Industry and enhancing it’s export potential. The horse industry is one of Australia’s largest rural industries and is worth more than $8 billion a year. There are about 1.2 million horses used for racing, equestrian sports ... Read more
  • Arabia's Falcons
    21st November 2006
    Falconry a noble art dating back over 1,000 years. Visitors to the United Arab Emirates usually have a checklist of things that are definite ‘must dos’. A picture of the Burj Al Arab? Absolutely. Desert Safari? Definitely. Shopping in some of the world’s best malls? Of course! But there are some other facets of life in the ... Read more
  • Feed To Need
    24th September 2006
    FEED TO NEED   The following article appeared in the Equest Newsletter – June/July 2006 Edition. Steven Jeffery is known world-wide as the man who opened the 2000 Sydney Olympic. His breathtaking gallop onto the centre stage with his Stock Horse “Ammo” together with a huge rear and crack of the whip signalled the start of Sydney’s ... Read more
  • Colic Control
    10th September 2006
    COLIC CONTROL Colic is one of the most dangerous and costly equine veterinary problems in Australia. It is estimated to occur in one out of every ten mares each year. The following article from the WA Breeders Association magazine Sunspeed Racing is a discussion paper on several management aspects which will help you to understand and hopefully reduce the incidence ... Read more
  • Preparing For Emergencies
    16th July 2006
    Preparing for Emergencies   Recent events have prompted this article You think it will never happen to you - but no matter how conscientiously you care for your horses, bad things, sometimes catastrophic things, will occur. Chance only favours those who are prepared and in owning horses being prepared should be a priority. Start with the essentials when preparing for ... Read more
  • Snake Bites in Horses
    10th June 2006
    Snake Bites in Horses   Horses generally get bitten on the nose, face, or neck by snakes. As a horse has poor close up vision, if they see a snake on the ground they will drop their head down to sniff the reptile. A resultant bite can be fatal as the swelling that follows - to the neck and head ... Read more
  • Recognising Avian Influenza or Bird Flu
    21st March 2006
    All insurers are now including the following exclusion on all bloodstock and livestock policies:- Avian Influenza Policy Exclusion “Subject otherwise to all the terms, conditions and exclusions of this policy to which this exclusion is attached, it is understood and agreed that this insurance does not cover death or destruction for humane reasons directly or indirectly caused by, ... Read more
  • Strapping In Style
    5th December 2005
    Strapping in Style - by Alison Aphrys   If you have noticed how stylish the strappers and their horses look in the parade ring before Group 1 races at Royal Randwick and various Country Cups, then it's a fair bet that Bob Logan, managing director of Logan Livestock Insurance Agency, is on the course to present a Logan's Strapper's Horse Excellence ... Read more
  • The Alpaca & Llama - New World Camelids
    28th November 2005
    Alpaca & Llamas Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos and Vicunas are collectively known as New World Camelids.  Originally they all came from Central America, are all members of the camelid family and are related to Bactrian and Dromedary camels.   Alpacas and Llamas are almost certain descendants of the wild, and now rare, Guanacos and Vicunas of Central America.&... Read more
  • The History of the Gabba Greyhound Racing Club
    29th August 2005
    The History of the Gabba Greyhound Racing Club   The founding of the Gabba Greyhound Racing Club at the same ground as Brisbane's hallowed home of Test cricket - Woolloongabba - would prove to be one of the great success stories of post World War 2 Queensland sport. Openly laughed at by many as being doomed to failure, no night greyhound ... Read more