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The History of the Australian Bloodhorse

Standard Insurance Covers

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Mortality Insurance

Mortality refers to the death of the animal. For livestock insurance, mortality covers death, humane destruction (and theft). Some policy owners mistakenly equate a loss of function (such as a career-ending injury) with ability to collect on a mortality policy. A loss of athletic function may not always qualify as a claim.

Theft & Unlawful Removal Insurance

Our Livestock Mortality policies include insurance to cover theft and unlawful removal of any insured animal.

The cover includes:


  • Death directly resulting from theft or unlawful removal.
  • Malicious or wilful castration by those responsible for the theft or unlawful removal.


Transit Insurance

Logans standard annual mortality policy covers your horse anywhere whilst within Australia or New Zealand, including transits.  However, the standard policy does not cover your horse outside of these countries.  If your insured horse is to travel to another country, you must contact Logans before the horse departs.

Short term transit covers are also available to insure your horse against death whilst in transit within Australia or travelling overseas.  Call Logans for further details or go to for a quote.