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The History of the Australian Bloodhorse


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Contact Logans immediatley if there are any health concerns with your horse


Claims Advice

In the event of death or any lameness, illness, accident, or disease, you or your representative, or any person who has care, custody or control of your animal/s should immediately give notice to:-

Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd
P O Box 360

Phone: (02) 9909 1499 (24 hours) Fax: (02) 9909 8057 Richard Logan 0418 244 345


Veterinary Attention

Should you have difficulty obtaining veterinary advice please contact one of the following:-

Prof. David Hutchins, Sydney 0411 244 93
Dr John Morgan, Scone (02) 6545 2070
Dr Jim Rodger, Denman 0412 521 848
Sydney Uni. Rural Vet Clinic, Camden (02) 4655 0777

Dr David Pascoe 0500 890 892

Melbourne Uni. Werribee Vet Clinic (03) 9731 2000
Dr Vic Spiers, Melbourne (03) 9510 7649 or 0409 575 261
Goulburn Valley Equine Clinic (03) 5829 9566
Dr Angus McKinnon, Shepparton 0409 575 261

Murdoch Uni. Vet Hospital (08) 9360 2356


Post Mortem

In the event of the death of an animal, it is a Policy Condition that a post mortem/autopsy be immediately carried out at your expense. To assist with identification and proof of the cause of death, we suggest that coloured photographs be taken of the dead animal showing brands, marking and wounds etc.



a) Castration, Bone Chip etc
All elective surgery must be notified to us at least 24 hours prior to the operation being performed. Prior to any operation please re-appraise the animal's value and let us know if it differs from the sum insured.

b) Life Saving
Must be performed as quickly as possible and notification to us to be given immediately. In all cases we suggest a second veterinary opinion be sought (by phone) from any of the veterinarians mentioned above.

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