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The History of the Australian Bloodhorse

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  • The Infinitive History of Veterinary Practice: W P ‘Bill’ Howey
    Published by: unknown
    As a fringe dweller himself and a raconteur of note, long time Scone veterinarian W.P. 'Bill' Howey has been well situated to chronicle the input over the past half century of the wild men of the Hunter Valley horse world, particularly those in his profession and stud owners and their staff. He has done this in a light hearted ... Read more
  • The Horse in Australia: Fiona Carruthers
    Published by: Random House
    The Horse in Australia is a comprehensive new book htat examines the central role the horse has played in Austeralian history since its arrival with the First Fleet.  The horse has remained fundamental to our sense of national identity. Despite urbanisation, we retain one of the world's highest rates of horse ownership. Through the stories of our most iconic ... Read more
  • Punter's Turf: Peter Klein
    Published by: Pan MacMillan
    John Punter, professional gambler and amateur private investigator, has seen his fair share of crime and shady dealings, both on the race track and off it. So when the daughter of a bookmaker friend is abducted, following hot on the heels of a gruesome murder, after an abduction gone wrong, Punter's offer of help is gladly accepted. But then, just ... Read more